Tip Tuesday: A Calm Wedding Morning

Tip Tuesday: A Calm Wedding Morning

The day of your wedding is here and this day is truly all about you and your partner. Everything is booked, MONTHS of planning has gone into this and you know, that before you know it, the day will just be a memory. Here at The Elm Estate, we are always looking for ways to have our couples have the most memorable day from start to finish.

Our onsite Beauty Bar and Billiards Room have been designed to allow for that calm space as you prepare for one of the biggest moments of your life.

The Beauty Bar

Our most recently refurbished beauty bar is the perfect place to bring your bridal party to enjoy in the peace of your wedding morning. Sip champagne, listen to music, graze on the charcuterie board and soak up your last moments with your ladies before you walk down the aisle.

There’s nothing worse than fighting over mirrors when everyone is trying to get dressed to the nines. We have a solution with X amount of beauty stations, with the perfect lighting and the grand suite where the bride can get ready and have the most jaw-dropping grand reveal. 

This space has truly been designed with the bride in mind.

The Billiards Room (The Groom’s Room)

The wedding jitters aren’t just for our bride. We are well aware that our grooms require a space where they can soak in the last few moments before they are about to make their biggest commitment. The billiards room has been designed to give the party space to get ready, unwind and unite. Have a couple of drinks, play pool and get ready in style. What’s more perfect… These spots are on-site, a stone’s throw away from each other but with no risk of having you run into each other. You take away any panic about being late to your own wedding and you get to start celebrating the moment you step foot on our property.

We couldn’t recommend this as a way to truly indulge in your wedding day. Take away any possibility of external stress, bring your best people, get ready on-site and be ready to experience the most wonderful day ahead.

Emma Paul


Did you know that… you can stay on site? But shhh…. That’s a secret for another week!