Detail Meetings at The Elm Estate

Tip Tuesday: Detail Meetings

Tip Tuesday: Detail Wedding Meetings

So you’ve booked your venue, and the planning is in full swing! You probably have so many questions and you’re wondering how the planning is all going to come together. Whether you’re working with a wedding planner or doing the work solo you’re still going to need to know the details of your venue. You’re going to want to have a say in how the days set up are going to look and how your chosen vendors are going to be operating on the day of when they all finally come together!

Wedding/Event Tour

Your first proper introduction to your venue was probably when you were first inquiring. You most likely had somebody walk you through and help you imagine what your day could look like at this venue. It’s also an opportunity for the Coordinators to get to know you! To get an idea and see which vendors would be suited for your vision and to see how the venue will be able to cater to you. Once you decide and lock your date in you’re going to have more questions. Here at The Elm Estate we value the personalization of each event. Our incredible team has put together the perfect order of events to ensure that your day runs smoothly and oozes your personality.

First Detail Meeting

Once you start looking, you’re going to see them everywhere. When you’re out and about you may spot your first detail meeting is exciting. You’ve paid your deposit, you’ve signed contracts and now you have another opportunity to return to the property, this time knowing that this is where you will be getting married! You can go over anything that may have changed since the initial booking – You want to fill your coordinators with anything outside of the venue you have booked – which photographer have you secured? Have you chosen your florist? Are you going with a theme? At the Elm Estate we offer a variety of Premium rentals. At the first detail meeting, we would go over all the additions you can add to your day; candle walls, love letters, backdrops, etc.

Second Detail Meeting – Bar Tasting

This is a fun one! A perfect opportunity for you and your partner to return to the property. This would typically happen closer to your wedding date and it’s an opportunity to go over and ensure that everything is coming together, for you to communicate any changes that you would like, or to get that final sigh of relief that this is really happening and your vision is coming to life. This is a great opportunity to eliminate any unnecessary stress in the week leading up to your event and ultimately on your wedding day where the goal is to have the day be about you and run perfectly from start to finish.

The bar tasting is something that we offer at The Elm Estate as an opportunity for you to create and select a bar menu that is going to be personal to you. It may just be that you love a Gin & Tonic and you know that’s precisely the drink you want, you may want to take your favorite drink and add a twist to it. Our house mixologist will sit with you and brainstorm how you can have personalized drinks—His & Hers or just the one that would perfectly encapsulate your day.

Wedding at The Elm Estate

So there you have it! A wonderful lead-up that is going to ensure that you have the most wonderful day. Remember wedding planning is supposed to be fun! There will be some stresses along the way but here at The Elm Estate, we want to embody and focus on the joy of your event. Make memories while planning, and ensure that the details are catered to you. This day is about you. Contact us today to get set up with your initial tour and let’s get planning your wedding!