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Tip Tuesday: Beauty Tips at The Elm Estate

Beauty Tips at The Elm Estate

Choosing something to wear for an event can always be a little daunting. Whether you’re hosting or attending, undoubtedly you want to feel your very best. 

Once you’ve selected your outfit you want to complete the look with hair and beauty. You might be opting for a more natural look where you want your complexion to be dewy and glowing or you may choose this event to go all out with full glam.Here at The Elm Estate we have been fortunate enough to have some of Reno and beyonds very best artists come and glam our guests up. With our Beauty bar set up, it truly is the best place to get ready!

Read on to find out beauty tips for both guests and glam coming to The Elm Estate.

Leading up to the event, you’re going to want to start prepping. This isn’t just on the day of, but leading up there are little things that you can do to ensure that you have the least stress when it comes to your look on the day.

Trial Run

For both hair and makeup, you’re going to want to trial how your look is going to be. Many stylists will offer a trial run so that they can walk you through the best products for your day. If you’re a bride or if you have a very particular look that you want to match your outfit you can always do a trial run of your hair and makeup before going to a dress fitting. This gives you a great idea of what the full picture is going to look like. You might love the hair in the morning but by the afternoon when you see it with the dress, you may realize that the look does not match and you can experiment with other looks.

Trial Run The Elm Estate
Photo by @Sirberry


Talk to a makeup artist about the colors that suit your complexion. If you are having your makeup professionally done then they will be great guides for this. If you are taking on the task of makeup yourself you can talk to the staff at beauty stores such as Sephora or in the makeup stands in department stores. They will be able to assist you and recommend colors that match your tone.


Hair for so many is such an important part of their identity. Deciding how to have it on your can be a challenge especially if you have something in mind but don’t quite have the right hair texture for it. Speak with your hair stylist beforehand. Have them give you pointers on what is going to last the best for the whole day.

Bride hair style
Photo By Bridgette McDonald

Bridal hair stylist extraordinaire, Madison ig:@madisoncate gave us some solid advice as to how to take care and prep your hair to ensure it is in its prime condition for your big day… or any day!!

“Your hair care should be treated like your skin care! There are products to use for everything! Shampoo and conditioner are the bare minimum like face wash and moisturizer. Learn how to use heat protectants, hair masks, oils and leave-ins. I promise your hair will thank you long term and you’ll see a huge difference!” 


With so many beautiful nail styles to pick from, it’s easy to get carried away. Think about how you need to function on the day. Leaving getting the manicure done to as close as the date as possible is a great way to ensure that you don’t chip or break a nail. A mani-pedi is also a great way to decompress in the lead-up to your event! Let yourself be pampered and have fun!

Bride and Bridesmaids The Elm Estate
Beauty Bar The Elm Estate

Beauty Tips For Makeup Artists Working At The Elm Estate

We asked one of our incredible preferred vendors Nikki Scheerer Ig:@the_little_bukowski on her tops reasons why she loves doing glam at The Elm Estate and she said:

  • The lighting at The Elm Estate beauty bar is top-tier! There is no need to lug around her personal studio light and this makes a huge difference to set up and prep!
  • The Beauty bar is perfectly equipped with all the comfy seating to sit her subjects in as she preps and primes them for their big events.
  • The whole backdrop of The Elm Estate is stunning. You don’t need to be conscious about getting ready shots as each one is set up with the photo ready background. Not only is this great for the client’s album but great for your portfolio too!

Finally, to wrap up,  we of course have to mention the most important beauty tip! Get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, and have fun!! Beauty radiates from within you and whatever you’re celebrating at The Elm Estate is surely going to be a huge event.