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Tip Tuesday: How To Prepare For Your Venue Tour

Tip Tuesday: How To Prepare For Your Venue Tour

Narrowing down your venue options can be a little overwhelming. When you’re not quite sure what sort of venue you imagine, and there are so many choices… you may want to see them all. Of course, budget, guest count, and time of year will impact where you select, but the venue needs to feel right for you as a couple. Here are some top tips to consider when setting up those venue tours!

Couple getting married at The Elm Estate

Be Prepared

Whether you’ve been dying to tour this venue since before you even got engaged or it’s just popped up on your radar, you will want to prepare. Knowing what questions to ask during your tour will ultimately help in your decision-making. Have your list of questions ready to ensure that all grounds are covered and you’re getting the answers you need.
Questions to consider:
1. Are there changing areas for the bride, groom, and/or wedding party?
2. What’s the cancellation policy?
3. What’s your weather contingency (backup) plan for outdoor spaces?

Set Up Appointments

Sometimes things could totally work in your favor and you could walk up to a venue and someone may be available to give you a tour. However, those chances aren’t too likely and the best way for you to get everything you want out of a venue visit is to set an appointment. Having the appointment also gives you the opportunity to prepare those questions we discussed before.

Groom and best men at The Elm Estate

Bonus Tip

If you’re not sure whether you want to commit to a full site tour, inquire to see if the venue you’re interested in is having any public events. This is a great way to see the venue full of people, the way they decorate, and to see if it fits your vibe. Some properties will also have days dedicated to people who are engaged and looking at venues. The Elm Estate holds an Engaged event twice a year to invite couples to the property, meet the vendors and discuss their vision. Keep an eye out as we announce our next event!

Bride and mades of honor at The Elm Esate

Take Videos And Pictures

Don’t be afraid to get snap-happy! Especially if you’re looking at more than one venue! This will be great to look back on and remember what it looks like and how it made you feel! Videos of the main areas you envision on your big day will feel even more special.

Stay Organized

Chances are the venues you visit will have brochures and catalogs, and all sorts of information. Price lists, and vendor contact information among other enchanting bits! Stay on top of it, create a file and try not to let the paperwork pile up! You don’t want to end up even more overwhelmed than you already feel!

Allow Yourself To Feel

Weddings can cost a lot of money and a lot of the transactions leading up to it can feel a little business-like. However, you need to remember the reason you’re on this journey. You’re about to embark on one of the most exciting adventures of your life and this time you’re doing it with your person. Absorb the emotion that comes with that. Allow the venue to help you feel that way and truly envision how it will feel saying “I do” at the locations you visit. Feel the feels!

Be Prepared To Pay A Deposit

Like they say… When you know, you know, and the chances that you just know that this is your venue when you tour it, it means that others may be feeling the same way. The best chance for you to lock in your date and get the process started is by putting down your deposit. We don’t say this lightly and we really do encourage you to look at your options, but we also do really mean it, that if you love the place and you know it’s the one… lock it down! 

Before signing anything we do recommend you look over any contracts that indicate and clearly state what the next steps would be. Get as much information in writing as possible and just be sure that it is stored away in a safe place!

Couple walking down the isle at The Elm Estate

Our final tip to our future couples is one that we really mean for every step of the way, from the first tour to the food and beverage tastings, to your special day. HAVE FUN! Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it’ll be a time that you look back on, and having as many fond memories associated with it is so important! You’re paving the way for your future as a couple and getting through the wedding planning process is huge, exciting and so fun!

Schedule your venue tour at The Elm Estate today! We can’t wait to meet you!