4 Ways to Thank Your Wedding & Event Vendors

This blog isn’t going to be about the current circumstances, we wanted to change it up and share some ways to give back to your vendors. Here are 4 ways to thank your fantastic wedding and event vendors. Take a moment out of your day and let your vendors know how much their help has meant to you. The more you share your appreciation can help their overall business. 

Saying Thank You 

 When your wedding or event day comes, you might not have the chance to thank all of your vendors. With all the fast-moving parts of your big day, they will be there to help you. Leading up to your wedding or event, remind them how much their help means to you. A simple note at the end of your event can go a long way. In the wedding industry, it is such a rewarding experience when you receive a heartfelt thank you! Whether you send it via text, email, or even snail mail, it goes a long way. 

Photography// June Choi

Kind Gifts of Referrals

If you know of someone having a wedding, birthday, or celebration, share some of your vendors with them. Maybe you had a fantastic experience with your DJ, Photographer, Florist or even your Balloon Vendor. It could be as simple as this. “Balloons by Court is such a fabulous business and will make your balloon dreams come true.” Show gratitude for a vendor through a referral and help them gain more leads, which will result in overall growth for that business. The kindness of referrals is truly magical.

Share the LOVE 

Sharing photos of your amazing vendors and their work from your event can help create a cross-promotion for their business. Make sure to tag them in your post. A photo can sell their work and inspire future events. This helps other couples when they are planning a wedding, so they don’t have to do a lot of research to figure out which vendors were a part of it. That amazing photo you posted could make another dream come true. Instagram and Pinterest are huge for the wedding and event industry. Share that love! 

Photography// June Choi

Write a Review 

In this day and age, reviews are the make it or break it when it comes to selling. When you are buying something on Amazon, typically, most people read reviews before buying. This is the same when it comes to the wedding and event industry. If you had a lovely experience and want to share that with future clients for your vendors, they would greatly appreciate it! DON’T be afraid to go into detail about what your vendor did and what impressed you the most. You will help grow their online presence with that one review. If it’s for a wedding, head over to The Knot or Wedding Wire. If it’s for a different type of event, head over to Google and Yelp. Saying Thank you will help them immensely!

Any small way that you can give back to your event vendors can make a huge difference. Spread that gratitude and make them smile! 

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