10 Best Micro Wedding Tips For a Small Luxury Wedding

Micro wedding tips: As micro-weddings become increasingly popular, these smaller affairs offer couples a more personalized way to celebrate their love with those closest to them. Intimate weddings allow for more flexibility and creativity in planning, making every detail personalized and unique. As we keep our eyes open on the latest wedding trends, micro-weddings stand out from the rest. Here are our top 10 ideas for your micro-wedding!

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Micro Wedding Tip 1: Destination Ceremonies

A smaller guest list means more options for your nuptials! Host your wedding in a location that reflects your story. The backdrop to your romance is vital when planning your dream celebration. Cozy accommodations will allow you and your party to enjoy each other’s company while indulging in a unique venue.

At The Elm Estate, we offer beautiful cottages that serve as a home away from home, allowing you to stay where you celebrate, all the while capturing important moments. 

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Micro Wedding Tip 2: Weekday Options

Choosing a non-traditional date for your wedding allows for even more customization. Hosting a wedding during the off-season is the perfect chance to spread your budget, allowing you to splurge on other aspects of your festivities.

At the Elm Estate, our flexible weekday options allow you and your guests to enjoy the whole week celebrating your love. Choose from several packages tailored to help with all your planning needs, big or small.

personalized gift micro weddings tips

Micro Wedding Tip 3: Personalized Gifts

Reflect your personality with custom gifts for your guests! Whether it’s custom-made boxes comprised of your favorite items or a treat from a local small business, take the chance to show appreciation through gift-giving. Smaller ceremonies allow for more intimate moments, creating lasting memories for all who attend. 

micro wedding tips dinning

Micro Wedding Tip 4: Dinner Experiences

Instead of a traditional option, consider offering your guests a culinary experience with food and wine pairings. A shorter guest list opens up the chance for you to serve innovative eats while still staying true to your wedding vision.

Create a special experience through sit-down courses inspired by your favorite cuisines and conversate at a banquet table with loved ones over delicious dishes. Our friends at Blend Catering are experts at building a menu that delights the senses and reflects your love story!

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Micro Wedding Tip 5: Small Scale Entertainment

Looking for a more intimate experience to share with your guests? Consider smaller ensembles for your live entertainment. A solo musician, such as a guitarist or pianist, is an exciting option to provide live music during the ceremony and reception, enhancing a cozy atmosphere.

This is a great way to have a lively ambiance, while still savoring your close-knit event. At The Elm Estate, we know many industry professionals who could be a great fit for your dream reception. 

vow exchanges micro wedding tips

Micro Wedding Tip 6: Exchange Vows

Hosting a smaller gathering allows for concentration on what is most important: your love story! Whether you decide to exchange words of commitment privately, or in front of your nearest and dearest, micro-weddings allow you to focus on the connection between you and your loved ones. Say “I do” without the pressure of having too many eyes on you, all while forming genuine moments of connection.

Micro Wedding Tip 7: Personalized Notes

personalized notes micro weddings tips

Express gratitude to your loved ones through hand-written notes. A smaller headcount means you can show your appreciation through personal gestures. While larger-scale weddings can be a bit overwhelming when trying to articulate your sentiments, a reduced party size gives you a chance to convey your care to everyone in attendance.

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Micro Wedding Tip 8: Themed Cocktail Hour

A great way to add personality to your matrimony is customized festivities like themed cocktail hours. Reflect your interests through your favorite wines or a signature cocktail inspired by you and your partner. Name your drink of choice based on an inside joke or your pet. Or, try taking up the title of the bartender and mixing up drinks for you and your guests! Contact us to find out even more ways to have drinks, your way. 

event activities in a micro wedding

Micro Wedding Tip 9: Event Activities

Choose interactive activities to intertwine into your celebration! With a shorter guest list, there is more flexibility in the way you choose to celebrate. Work with trusted vendors to incorporate non-traditional crowd-pleasers that are bound to keep the party going. Ideas like karaoke, poker tables, and lawn games are all terrific pastimes to bond over with your attendees. 

post wedding events micro wedding tips

Micro Wedding Tip 10: Pre and Post-Wedding Events

Extend your reception even further with pre and post-wedding festivities. Include your party in a casual welcome dinner before your big day, or host a brunch the next day to add a special touch to your matrimony. Tailored experiences are a great way to not only lengthen your wedding weekend but also create long-lasting memories with your guests. 

Your big day is all about embracing the tender moments of your love affair! Whether you choose a more intimate gathering, or a larger celebration, at The Elm Estate, we’re here to help you create the wedding of your dreams. Savor and enjoy every minute surrounded by your closest friends and family. Contact us today to get started!