Wedding Planning While Quarantined

Many couples have recently got engaged amidst this global pandemic. Don’t let that get you down when planning your wedding. Put on your favorite dancing jams, pop a bottle of champagne, maybe some new cozy pj’s, and use this time to be productive with your planning. We wanted to share some ideas on wedding planning while quarantined. In the age of COVID-19, it doesn’t mean the party stops, it just means you have to adapt the way you would’ve planned your wedding. Congratulations on your Engagement, this is still an extraordinary time for you!

As this time passes, people are getting stir crazy, but turn that crazy into something useful. Take this time to plan, make your budget, build your wedding website, and create that fantastic Pinterest board. 

Budgeting Your Wedding 

This is a big one! You just got engaged and are confused about where to start planning. Start here, why you may ask? Weddings are like planning on how to landscape your garden. Look at your finances and what you want to invest in your special day. Do some research from other wedding blogs like The Knot or WeddingWire. Both The Knot and WeddingWire are also helpful with free planning tools. Start a list of your big-ticket items and decided which are most important to you. Things like these are typically the most expensive- Venue, Catering, Bar, Photographer, Florist, and DJ. Find that happy number you want to spend on your big day and work from there. Once you layout your budget, you will see where you have room to pull money from. Then watch your plans bloom!

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Wedding Website

A wedding website is a must in this day and age. We touched on this in our “Postpone Don’t Cancel” blog, but we wanted to dive deeper. First things first, if you don’t have one, get one! As COVID-19 impacts us, we are learning ways to adapt. A wedding website can be filled with all your details- from addresses, timelines, room blocks, transportation schedules, registry, and so much more. One huge benefit is online RSVPs for the fact that it saves time and money. If you are looking over your wedding budget and need to pull money from another area, this is an excellent way to reallocate your finances. Most wedding websites are free or have a small fee. We highly recommend it for a more organized wedding. Instead of sending out email communications individually to your guest, your wedding website can save time. This allows you to filter the million general questions your guest may have. There are a bunch of cool free templates on Wix, Zola, and even other platforms. Find the one that speaks to you! 

Family Traditions

When planning your BIG day, many factors go into it. Family traditions are something to consider when planning. From the food to dancing, see what things matter the most to you and your family. Maybe you want to incorporate your grandma’s amazing pies. Speak with your bakery and share those recipes with them. Every Christmas, do you and your family dress up in matching Pj’s and do a dance? You could incorporate that dance into your grand entrance. Think about each of your families and how you want to blend them both together at your wedding. 

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Create Your Dream Pinterest Board 

As we dream of our weddings, we get fun and exciting ideas in our minds. Many of us have created a hidden wedding Pinterest board. Now let’s share that secret Pinterest board. You can collect your ideas like- backdrops, floral, color pallet, dresses, and so much more. Work on fine-tuning this Pinterest board to make it into a realistic goal. A pro tip is to pin images that speak to the mood you want to create for your special day. Wedding trends are always changing but find the ones that support your wedding vibes. Share these boards with your vendors so they can see your style and mood. Many couples like modern, rustic, and traditional styles. Use Pinterest for your wedding inspiration to help with your over wedding planning. It’s a fantastic tool. 

Honeymoon Deals 

As we know, travel is challenging at the moment. This period will pass, and we will be able to travel more freely again. One of the positive things to come from this pandemic is that flights and travel packages are discounted. Make sure to read the fine print before booking anything, but it’s a great time to look forward to the future. We do recommend waiting till next year for any big travel excursions, so look for deals with flexible cancellation policies. On your wedding website, instead of asking for a gift, consider asking for honeymoon funds. 

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Remember that even though you might be quarantined, it’s still an excellent time to be happy. Have a cozy date night with your honey, and talk about your goals for your future wedding. It’s still time to be excited about your big day. Make dinner together and talk about the different types of food you want at your event. Make sure each of you are part of this wedding planning process. Take this time to relax, think, and plan. Wedding planning can still be fun from home. Get creative with your partner to make the most of this quarantine.