Tip Tuesday: Personalizing details that add meaning

Tip Tuesday: Personalizing details that add meaning

Party favors

Whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary, a celebration of life or any other event that you are hosting and organizing, chances are you’re inviting people who are there to celebrate you.

Party favors are a wonderful way to give people a little something to take away so they can remember your big day. We’ve seen shot glasses, candles, stickers and even seeds for guests to plant as party favors! It’s such a fun way to commemorate your day.

Personalized items of clothing

The chances are that if you’re getting married you’re going to want some items that will forever remind you of your big day. If you’re changing your name, getting your new name printed onto those special items is such a special detail you can add. If you want to keep it low key, it doesn’t need to be branded everywhere it can be hidden in the seams of your clothing or in the sole of your shoe! There are so many ways to get creative with adding that special something to your wardrobe and to have it as a forever keepsake.



Such a simple way to take your guests through your story. Displaying photos of your relationship, your journey or anything that has led you up to this celebration adds to an interactive experience for your guests. We’ve seen table centerpieces with photos of special places that mean so much to the couple, whole photo walls dedicated to different stages of the couples growing up. From before they met each other right to their big day. For the guests that have known you in those different stages it’s such an important way to connect and it gives you a moment to go down memory lane on your big day.

Another way to have your guests feel involved on your big day is a photo book! Having an instax on a table with a scrap book open allows your guests the chance to take a moment, snap a shot and write a cute message that you can look back on once your day is over.


Keepsakes that your guests can sign!

Much like the photo book being signed by your guests, there are other things that can be signed that you can keep and treasure to remind you of your big day. We’ve seen signed initials, clothing and even a bench! We love this idea to have something to take into your new home and something that will be cherished for years to come.

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A special something to honor those who can’t be there

Special occasions can be hard when you have loved ones who are no longer with you. Having a small meaningful token to them can bring some peace to your big day. Whether its an honorary seat at your ceremony or a small photo inserted into your get up.

Signature Cocktails

This may not seem like an instant keepsake but if you are making a signature cocktail for your big day, the chances are that that will become your go to drink of choice any time you then celebrate after your wedding. At The Elm Estate our bar team will work with you to create your signature cocktail so that it can be served on your big day. Get creative with the ingredients and the name and make it as particular to your likes as you please! You can even ave a his and hers! Double the fun!

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So there you have it! Some cute, simple ideas to add a touch of long lasting personalization to your special occasion. There are so many avenues for creativity when planning your event. We love to see the different things that are suggested, created and seeing them come to life. If you are interested in booking your next event at The Elm Estate click here to enquire with our team!

We can’t wait to celebrate with you.