• Picking the right wedding venue

    Picking The Perfect Wedding Venue

    So you’re ENGAGED!! Congratulations! While you may be carrying that newly engaged glow… there is probably A LOT going on in your mind. The To Do list seems endless and you may not even know where to start! Take a deep breath and let’s dive into the first few steps!

  • Tip Tuesday

    The day of your wedding is here and this day is truly all about you and your partner. Everything is booked, MONTHS of planning has gone into this and you know, that before you know it, the day will just be a memory.

  • Themed Weddings at The Elm Estate

    So you’re engaged!! There are a million questions running through your mind as to where to start – date, budget, location, guest list, theme… THEME? But surely the wedding is… wedding themed? White bridal gown, immaculate groom party, traditional down to the core?

  • Micro Weddings in 2021

    Getting married is a tremendous occasion. A powerful commitment to someone you love dearly. In short, a wedding is often the most magical, memorable celebration in someone’s life. Micro weddings have become a popular alternative to large weddings in 2021. Do you want to have a micro wedding in 2021? Well, you have stopped in […]

  • Staycation is the New Holiday Vacation in Reno, Nevada

    Quarantine got you feeling stir crazy? Winter blues got you down? Covid travel restrictions got you bummed on canceled trips? Want a special way to celebrate the Holidays with your loved ones in a safe environment? What better time to experience Reno in a new way and support local businesses! You don’t have to travel […]

  • 9 Businesses Making the Event Dream Team

    In celebration of Pride Month, 9 businesses came together to create a magical afternoon. The stress of planning an event and hiring what feels like a million moving parts can be intimidating. But this event provided what every host/hostess dreams of, a smooth and fun afternoon. Here are the businesses that will make your next […]

  • Wedding Budget Musts for 2021

    You just got engaged and don’t know where to start? We encourage you to start thinking about your wedding budget. What do you want to invest in your big day? Somethings might be more important than others, such as food, photography, and location. You should feel confident when you’re reaching out to vendors. Many vendors […]

  • Wedding Planning While Quarantined

    Many couples have recently got engaged amidst this global pandemic. Don’t let that get you down when planning your wedding. Put on your favorite dancing jams, pop a bottle of champagne, maybe some new cozy pj’s, and use this time to be productive with your planning. We wanted to share some ideas on wedding planning […]

  • 4 Ways to Thank Your Wedding & Event Vendors

    This blog isn’t going to be about the current circumstances, we wanted to change it up and share some ways to give back to your vendors. Here are 4 ways to thank your fantastic wedding and event vendors. Take a moment out of your day and let your vendors know how much their help has […]

  • Supporting Local in Reno

    Our local community is the heart of Reno. In these uncertain times, small businesses, organizations, and workers are being significantly affected due to COVID-19. Reno, along with many other cities across the country, are having to close their doors. They are having to reimage ways to serve their community and loyal customers. As community members, […]