The Elm Estate Isle in Summer

Supporting Local in Reno

Our local community is the heart of Reno. In these uncertain times, small businesses, organizations, and workers are being significantly affected due to COVID-19. Reno, along with many other cities across the country, are having to close their doors. They are having to reimage ways to serve their community and loyal customers. As community members, we must rally behind our favorite local restaurant, boutiques, coffee shops, breweries, and other non-essential businesses.

Why support local? 

Small businesses are key to the local community and economy. They spark growth and innovation that lifts the spirits of the community. At the forefront of every small business are resilient founders who will do anything they can to support their families, employees, and communities. Local businesses are what make every town and city special. Most businesses are coming up with creative ways to cater to their customers. With financial uncertainty facing a lot of businesses, here are five ways to support local businesses.

  1. To-go Food and Curbside Pickup – Find that favorite local restaurant that you are missing while we are practicing social distancing. See if they are offering to-go food or curbside pickup.
  2. Social Media Shoutouts – Everyone is figuring out how to navigate during these uncertain times. If you had a good experience with local business, shout them out, write a review, or message them some kind words. Anything can help someone have a better day!
  3. Postpone Don’t Cancel – Due to COVID-19, the event industry has been hit hard. We know many couples, non-profits, birthdays, celebrations, and networking has come to a halt on their planning. Your hard work in planning is not wasted; think about your options. Talk with your family, friends, and vendors to see how to proceed next. We recommend postponing your event; it helps you and your local community. Check out our “Postpone Don’t Cancel” blog for more suggestions on how to navigate your event.
  4. Shop Safe – With the current mandate of only essential businesses remaining open to the public, it has shifted the way our everyday lives happen. Take into consideration how everyone around you is being affected. Practice healthy cleaning habits by washing your hands, social distancing, and wear protective gear.
  5. Donate – Everyone is experiencing these times differently. If you can think of creative ideas to donate some goods, cash, or even your services, it will help our community. We’re all in this together. The more we come together, the stronger we will be when we come out of this.
Photography – Ash Jacobs Photography
Pies – The Cake Studio by Dee

Show Some Love

Lastly, during these uncertain times or when things get back to normal, we must stand by small businesses. As a small business ourselves, The Elm Estate is exploring new ways to reach our customers, but we can’t do it alone. Working together as a community to help local businesses is our duty. Eat, think, cherish, be, and donate locally!