Christmas Parties at The Elm Estate

Plan Ahead For The Holidays

Plan Ahead For The Holidays

Christmas in August?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. In August? Well… It’s not, but we can’t tell you how quickly those festive nights are going to be rolling by! Now we’re not wishing away this wonderful summer we’re having but we are thinking ahead and we want to make sure we bring you guys along with us!

Why Are You Talking About Christmas Parties Now?

When it comes to planning events there really is no such thing as being too organized. Think about the panic and the rush that happens around the holiday season and think about whether you want to ease any of that and get your holiday party venue sign sealed and delivered. Something off the to-do list.

Winter Wonderland Weddings

For those who see Christmas as the most romantic time of the year…you’ve probably considered a Christmas wedding. At The Elm Estate, we have hosted a fair share and we can confidently say that our backdrop is a place where festive dreams can come true…extra points if we can make it a white Christmas.

Christmas Theme Wedding
Family Gatherings at The Elm Estate

Family Gatherings

Can’t host your whole family at your house this year? Stressing about your mother-in-law breathing down your neck as you cook your first Christmas dinner? Why not suggest a festive staycation? Our cottages at The Elm Estate are the perfect place to have a home away from home. Still feel festive and homey without checking into a hotel and everyone gets their own space. Click here to inquire about our holiday availability.

Corporate Christmas Party

You want to treat your staff to a Christmas get-together, don’t you? That one night in the year where everyone truly gets to let their hair down. You want to see your Vice President a little tipsy and the accounts manager breaking it down on the dance floor. Did you know at The Elm Estate you can book for up to 300 guests? Cater your evening from start to finish and show your employees how much they really mean to you. Holiday bookings fill up fast! Contact us today to see how we can host your perfect Christmas party.

Corporate Party at The Elm Estate
Christmas gatherings at The Elm Estate

Something More Intimate

Maybe you’re not coming from a huge company and you’re not quite wanting to fill the 300-person capacity. Did you know that you can rent The Elm House for a cocktail evening? Get cozy in the living space by our open fire and relax while we take care of the rest. With a 50-person capacity, it’s the perfect, cozy setting to enjoy each other’s company in the beautifully renovated historical Elm House.

If you’re unsure as to whether you want to book The Elm Estate for your holiday parties come to check out our public events. Join us Every Wednesday for Wine & Whiskey and see the property for yourself. Like we said before… it may seem crazy to be thinking about Christmas in August… but it will be here before we know it!