Outlook During Uncertain Times at The Elm Estate

As the world landscape is changing by the hour, The Elm Estate is on a mission to have a positive outlook in light of COVID-19. As the news about COVID-19 is continuously updating, we are turning to experts and world leaders to guide us through this pandemic. The Elm Estate is leaning on Love and Gratitude to get us through an uncertain time. Our team’s hope is to bring clarity and exceptional service to your current and future clients. 

During this uncertain time, The Elm Estate team is finding the light at the end of the tunnel with a positive outlook. By taking a step back while we can, The Elm Estate is recognizing things that we may have been taking for granted.

The following are ways we are finding the light in life: 

Creating a Gratitude Journal

Take a moment to create a gratitude journal, to highlight the things that mean the most to you. In our fast past lives, we are accustomed to going through the motions. The journal can lower stress and give us time to slow down. Shutterfly offers a great how-to and benefits of keeping a Gratitude Journal. The Elm Estate is grateful for our loved ones, the ability to host beautiful events, our loyal local vendors, awesome clients, and the stunning Elm Estate property. 

Enjoying what’s around you

Being a premier event venue in the City of Reno, we are surrounded by beautiful landscapes, great nightlife, fun events year-round, and amazing people. Reno is known for the indescribable outdoor experiences. We have access to walk along the magnificent Truckee river, enjoy all that Lake Tahoe has to offer, and watching the gorgeous sunsets sink behind towering mountains. Even if we aren’t able to enjoy all that we are accustomed to, let’s take time to be grateful for what nature has to offer. Take a moment to notice something in life that you haven’t lately. Such as how the birds sing, how beautiful snowfall can be, and how the sun can warm your soul.


The Elm Estate is focusing on connecting with our clients and team. With the eases of modern technology, we provide virtual tours for people wanting to see the property and our amenities. Take this time to reconnect with family and friends in unconventional ways. Call, text, or facetime someone you haven’t in a while and make them smile. Create a pen pal with a loved one or someone new. There are so many ways we can connect with people; let’s get creative.

Supporting local

Reno and the surrounding area have amazing local businesses. Here at the Elm Estate, we have great local vendors that we have the pleasure to work with at every event. Such as delicious catering companies, talented photographers, creative bakers, and so much more. Let’s support the businesses that we frequent often, or we have always wanted to try. The way we can help during times of social distancing is ordering meals for pick up, order online, spread a positive outlook, and shoutout your favorites on social media

2019 Wedding – Casey Cimon Photography
Donuts – Rounds Bakery
Cake – Paris Custome Cakes

Let’s work together to get through this difficult time. Stay positive, be kind, and wash your hands. Adjusting to change is always hard but the community in Reno is so strong and we can get through anything. Create that gratitude journal, enjoy what’s around you, reconnect with loved ones,  and support local businesses. The Elm Estate Family is looking forward to your creative ways and how to get through this time together. 


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