Grand Exit ideas for your wedding

Grand Exit Ideas For Your Wedding

Grand Exit Ideas For Your Wedding

We’re getting down to the wire, you’ve planned out every single detail for your special day and it’s getting more and more exciting by the minute! However, you might be missing one special detail that can really end your wedding day with a BANG! Have you ever thought of what your grand exit may be? I’m sure you’ve seen in movies where the couple drives off in a ‘66 Chevy Impala with cans hanging off the back and a sign that says “Just married!”, but this is just one idea. Keep reading to be inspired by the many different ways for your friends and family to gather as you and your partner walk away into the rest of your lives together as a newlywed couple.


Many couples opt for this option as it’s the perfect way for your friends and family to send off you and your partner. Not only is it classy and elegant, but the photo opportunities are endless as you can see sparks flying in the air – literally and figuratively! It’s also an affordable and easy way for you and your guests to use during your special day.

Pro tip: Run this one by your venue as their regulations may not allow for the sparkler exit. However, here at The Elm Estate, we’ve had couples use cold sparklers which were just as great!

Sparklers for grand exit weddings

Glow Sticks

A close second to the sparklers, and a great option if your venue cannot allow sparklers are glow sticks! A beautiful statement that will end your night with so much fun! You can get real creative with glow sticks since they come in all different colors, different sizes and shapes! Everyone has fun and it’ll give your photographer a lot to work with when it comes to editing and you’ll be left with some incredible results!

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Who doesn’t love bubbles? A great way to do this is by using the bubble as your seating chart for your guests, leave them as little table decor with their name tags, or put it by the guest book for your guests to grab! Your guests will be sure to have this one as it gives them some nostalgia to their youth. Get them to blow bubbles as you and your partner exit into the night! An easy, no-mess getaway, this is a great option for anyone who is conscious of the environment and the post-party clean up!

Getaway In A Statement Car

Ending the night waving goodbye to your people from the window of your sweet ride is sure to make a statement. Have fun, go all out, add “Just married!”, add the cans, and rent your dream car for that getaway. It’s a once in a lifetime moment, why not have it exactly as you imagined?


Other Ideas

Other ideas you might come across are streamers or even a smoke exit. You can easily find packs of party poppers that’ll explode with streamers, or even smoke poppers that’ll let out beautiful colors as you exit!

However you decide to exit on your big day, the most important thing to take with you are the memories that have been created between you and your partner and the guests that came together to celebrate your love. Whether that’s a big or small celebration we truly mean it and will continue to repeat ourselves when we say… Have fun! The day is about you, what you want, the memories you want to create and it’s a day for you to be present and enjoy.

Here at The Elm Estate we’ve seen it all. From couples waving their guests off the properties, to couple sneaking off, to the grandest of exits. However you chose to end your day we are here for you and we can’t wait to be a part of it.