5 Tips for Attending a Bridal Fair

5 Tips for Attending a Bridal Fair

Did you recently get engaged over the holidays or even on Valentine’s Day??? Well, congratulations!!! It’s time to start wedding planning!! The best way to do this is by attending a bridal fair!

Keep reading for all the tips and tricks you need to know to prepare yourself before attending a bridal fair.

Bring Your Trusted Support Group

Bridal fairs are so much fun when you bring the right people with you! Bring your mom, your bride tribe, your fiancé, anybody who’s going to lift you up and support you. By bringing them to the bridal fair with you, they can help with decision making as well as provide you with helpful opinions and honest thoughts!

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Be Prepared With All The Questions You Need Answered

If you’re trying to make sure that you’re making the most out of attending a bridal fair, then be prepared by gathering all the questions you need answered, along with any other information you may be seeking in order to best prepare for your special day! Remember, a bridal fair is the perfect opportunity to meet a variety of wedding professional and get inspired. The last thing you’d want to do is leave without getting all the key information that you need!

Take Notes And Photos

Bring your notebook and pen, any folders related to your wedding, and something to take pictures with! Wedding planning can get super stressful, but if you’re organized and prepared, you should be just fine! By bringing your notebook, you can make sure you write down any of the important information you received at the bridal fair, as well as write down contact information of the vendors you would love to have at your wedding! Bringing something to take photos with is definitely necessary since typically bridal fairs showcase all the latest trends and designs, you’re going to want to snag some photos!

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Know Your Budget And Stick With It

This is important because you want to avoid disappointment! I mean, what’s worse than falling in love with the wedding dress you saw at the bridal fair, or even the venue you want to book and finding out everything is wayyyy out of your budget? It’s going to be difficult to find a replacement or find something else you may fall in love with because now you’ll just compare everything to what you truly want for your special day! By having a clear idea on what your budget might be and what you’re willing to spend for all the different categories when it comes to wedding planning, then you can avoid that heavy disappointment. You can even share your budget with your potential vendors, and they could possibly be flexible and work something out for you, or send you in the right direction with their recommendations!

Have Fun

Most importantly, have fun! Wedding planning can get stressful and overwhelming real quick. By attending a bridal fair, you might just avoid all those feelings, and instead feel the ecstatic energy of your special day getting closer and closer!!
Speaking of bridal fairs, here at The Elm Estate, we will be hosting our annual Engaged Open House Bridal Fair event on Sunday, February 26th from 12-4pm! There’s still time to reserve your spot! Click here to RSVP!